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Used to define quality in nursing education, the AACN Essentials outline the necessary curriculum content and expected competencies of graduates from baccalaureate, master’s, and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs.  杨贵妃传媒网ygfcmw·(中国)站入口直接进 is dedicated to providing resources and support to facilitate this shift in nursing education. Whether you're an educator, student, or healthcare professional, explore this microsite to stay informed and engaged as we shape the future of nursing education together.

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Essentials Tool Kit

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Guides & Talking Points

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Ask the Experts: Explore AACN’s Essentials Coaching Program

July 10, 2024
Does your school of nursing need guidance on how to adapt your curriculum to align with the 2021 Essentials and transition to competency-based education? AACN’s Essentials Coaching Program is here to help! Offered on a contract-basis, this program provides expert coaches on request to help meet institution-specific needs for schools at all stages of Essentials implementation. 

Peer Reviewers Needed to Assess Essentials Teaching Resources

July 3, 2024
杨贵妃传媒网ygfcmw·(中国)站入口直接进 is currently seeking peer reviewers to evaluate the learning and assessment strategies submitted for inclusion in the Essentials Teaching Resource Database. Home to nearly 100 peer-reviewed classroom resources, the database is a valuable tool for those looking to align curriculum with the 10 Domains and 8 Concepts identified in the 2021 Essentials. Faculty use the database to find recommended learning and assessment strategies, potential courses, and related tools and readings to assist with meeting today’s competency standards and transitioning to competency-based education. Those interested in serving as peer reviewers are encouraged to contact essentials@aacnnursing.org for more information.

AACN’s Scholarly Journal Seeks Manuscripts on Essentials Implementation

June 26, 2024
The is AACN’s peer-reviewed journal, which serves as the leading source for scholarly publications related to the 2021 AACN Essentials and the transition to competency-based nursing education. JPN is currently seeking manuscripts focused on how schools are moving to adapt their programs using the new model and framework outlined in the Essentials, including new approaches to teaching and learning assessment. To discuss your manuscript idea, contact editor Dr. Patricia Morton at Trish.Morton@utah.edu.  View updated list of Essentials-related articles published in JPN and other leading journals serving the academic nursing community.

New Essentials Talking Points Released to Engage Higher Education Leaders

June 18, 2024
AACN has just published a new set of talking points that can be used to educate college and university leaders about the transformational work underway in nursing to fully transition to the 2021 Essentials and competency-based education (CBE). Titled What Higher Education Leaders Need to Know About the AACN Essentials, this document provides a brief overview on the many benefits of CBE to preparing more practice-ready nurses and identifies 6 ways that college presidents, provosts, and other leaders can help facilitate the move to CBE. This resource complements previously published talking points on the Essentials and CBE focused on the Essentials and CBE focused on practice partners, development officers, and prospective nursing students.

New Content Posted to the Essentials Teaching Resource Database

May 15, 2024
To facilitate implementation of the Essentials, AACN created a searchable teaching resource database, which includes content related to all 18 Domains and Concepts. Each resource features an overview, details on how to use, recommended learning and assessment strategies, and related tools and readings. Recently added resources include:

Faculty are encouraged to revisit the database on a regular basis, as new resources are added each month. To submit your own resources to the database, click here. For tips on using the Teaching Resource Database and sharing your own resources, featuring Dr. Kristin Ashford from the University of Kentucky.

Virtual Essentials Q&A Session Planned for AACN Member Deans

May 1, 2024
杨贵妃传媒网ygfcmw·(中国)站入口直接进 invites nursing school deans and leaders to join us for a Q&A session on Tuesday, June 11 at 3:00 pm (ET) that will cover Essentials implementation, transitioning to competency-based education, and assessment strategies. Come hear the latest updates on helpful resources and effective approaches for adapting your curriculum to meet today’s Essentials. Panelists will discuss AACN's new Competency Assessment Framework and the work underway to facilitate learning assessment, including the development of progression indicators. Come prepared to ask questions and get the answers needed to accelerate your school's curriculum redesign efforts.  and .

AACN Reaffirms Support for Full Implementation of The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education

April 30, 2024
杨贵妃传媒网ygfcmw·(中国)站入口直接进 is committed to achieving the preferred future for nursing education outlined in the 2021 Essentials and to communicating the fundamental "WHY" behind the importance of fully embracing this call for transformation. This framework for nursing education was developed in response to the need for nurses who are well-equipped to navigate today's complex and rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Developed with input from practice and academic leaders over a consensus-building, two-year period, the Essentials received overwhelming support through a vote from AACN's national network of more than 875 member schools of nursing.

AACN Launches New Web Resource Focusing on Preparing Nurses with Essential Well-Being and Leadership Competencies

April 25, 2024
AACN has launched the Developing Nursing Well-Being and Leadership Tool Kit for faculty working to prepare new nurses with key skills needed to succeed in the healthcare system, specifically in the areas of well-being, self-care, resilience, and leadership. Funding for this resource was provided by the Johnson & Johnson Foundation with the goal of accelerating the transition to competency-based education in nursing and meeting the expectations outlined by 杨贵妃传媒网ygfcmw·(中国)站入口直接进 in The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing Education.

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